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Je zodpovedné hranie v online kasínach na Slovensku dobrá vec?

V mnohých kluboch online hazardných hier môžete veľmi často vidieť nálepku/nápis “princíp zodpovedného hrania”. Na hodnotenie slovenského kasína to má len malý alebo žiadny vplyv, ale aj tak je dobré vedieť, aký je.

Faktom je, že hazardné hry sú pre určitú kategóriu ľudí jednoducho nebezpečné z dôvodu vzniku závislosti. Má to zlé následky, a to nielen finančné, ale aj zdravotné.

Zásada zodpovedného hrania je súbor opatrení, ktoré kasína prijímajú s cieľom bojovať proti závislosti od podvádzania. Je to tiež vylúčenie kategórie osôb, ktoré nespĺňajú vekovú podmienku. Tieto opatrenia zahŕňajú:

varovanie hráčov v slovenských kasínach na pred rizikami, overovanie osôb mladších ako 21 rokov a obmedzenie konania hráča (v rámci kasína). Napríklad vysoký počet prehier, agresívne správanie v chatových miestnostiach atď.

Hlavným cieľom “zásady zodpovedného hrania” je formovať postoj hráčov ku kasínam nie ako k zdroju príjmu, ale ako k zdroju zábavy.

Wide range of meat

Our company is largely experienced in the production, export and distribution of pork and beef.

All our products are highly specialised, and we use crossbreeding to obtain the meat that best suits our clients’ requirements.

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Fresh, processed and frozen products

We are the best partner in Spain, offering and producing custom products. We are focused in the Food Service industry, supermarkets and raw produce for the production of sausages and cured meats.

We have a broad range of products, including our own products, with fresh cuts, sliced pieces, processed products, cooked meats and our own cured meats.


Spain is one of the biggest global producers of pork, and over the last decade has become a preferred supplier to the Asian and American markets. Our aim is to be your trusted supplier in Spain, offering everything from raw produce to added-value products such as cuts, cold meats and sausages or precooked products. We are specialised in both Iberico pork and white pork – we work with breeds such as Pietrain, Duroc, Landrace and Largewhite.



We have established ourselves as a leader in the distribution of beef from Europe, the US, Australia, and South America, in Spain and Portugal. We offer both wholesale whole pieces, as well as cuts and packaged products with various specifications, from a wide variety of breeds including Frisona, Charolaise, Limousin, Angus, Hereford and Wagyu.





We have in-depth knowledge of the meat industry. Since 2005, we have been advising companies, helping them help to grow their businesses, closely monitoring the market trends and the opportunities they offer, without ever abandoning our fundamental principle: achieving the optimum quality of the products we work with.


We like a challenge. We adapt to the requests and specifications made by our clients and suppliers, and conceive new ways of meeting the changing needs of a constantly evolving world. We want to continue innovating, driving forward new products of our own, such as cold meats and precooked products.


We don’t work with just anybody. We seek to establish close, trusted relationships, working together with the companies and individuals we deal with, and who share the values that underpin our business. These are based on total transparency, as we believe trust to mean being able to show you how we work.


We are artisans of meat. We like to have a style of our own, working exclusively with clients and suppliers who share our belief that quality and food safety are not strictly a business or price issue, but a promise which has no margin for error.


This reliability does not detract from our responsiveness and speed of service. We can serve any product, rapidly and competitively, in a wide range of countries worldwide. And we do so by providing the best possible response to the logistical, customs and financial requirements of the transactions we carry out for our clients and suppliers.

Our priority: premium quality products at the best price

We specialise in national and international import and export of quality meat from the very best farms.
You can see the market statistics here.


We believe in a global market, where business opportunities know no borders

For this reason we do business across all five continents, identifying the business opportunities that best meet the needs of our customers and suppliers, and always endeavour to provide added value to any product, anywhere and anytime.

At Victoria Foods we annually deal with over 20,000 tons of meat worldwide, providing a customised service to over 180 clients who have chosen us as a strategic ally to grow their businesses.




We see companies as the people who form them. That’s why we love to hear what people need, so they can share their current and future challenges with us.

Address: Mercè Rodoreda 1, 17300 Blanes, Girona, Spain
Tel.: +34 972 348 255


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