Victoria Foods is an experienced company in the meat industry based in Blanes (Girona)

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We’ve been providing added value for our clients since 2005


We still remain faithful to the values that define us as a family business, but with the capacity to deliver our products internationally. Today, Victoria Foods is a benchmark company in the distribution of pork and beef within Spain and Portugal, and manages important volumes of meat imports from the US, Canada, Australia and South America, as well as its own exports, mainly to Japan, Korea, Chile and Canada. In our recent history, we have started the production of our own products.


  • 2005-EN

    ▪ Victoria Foods is born
    ▪ Sales representative for Inalca (Cremonini Group) in Spain and Portugal
    ▪ Annual sales of 1,000 tons
    ▪ An annual turnover of 6 million euros in beef

  • 2006-EN

    ▪ Start importing pork from Chile to Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Croatia)

  • 2007-EN

    ▪ 2,400 tons of pork and beef imported and exported

  • 2008-EN

    ▪ 5,000 tons of pork and beef imported and exported
    ▪ Start of Wagyu imports from Chile

  • 2009-EN

    ▪ Start importing pork from Canada to Europe
    ▪ An annual turnover of 25 million euros in pork and beef

  • 2012-EN

    ▪ Start importing beef from Australia, the US and South America

  • 2013-EN

    ▪ Start importing pork from Japan, Korea and Canada

  • 2014-EN

    ▪ 10,000 tons of pork and beef imported and exported annually

  • 2015-EN

    ▪ Start cutting products at the plant in Vic, and added value products
    ▪ 10,000 tons of pork exported to Japan annually

  • 2016-EN

    ▪ Start producing Iberico pork products
    ▪ Start exporting sliced pork products to Japan

  • 2017-EN

    ▪ Start producing cooked and precooked pork products at the plant in Vic
    ▪ 15,000 tons of pork and beef imported and exported annually
    ▪ Obtain the official quality certificate for the production of Iberico pork products

  • 2018-EN

    ▪ Annual turnover of 75 million euros in pork and beef
    ▪ An annual volume of 18,000 tons
    ▪ Start producing cured and processed cold meats and sausages